Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera – 12 (End)

You had to know things weren’t really going to get serious with this show, even in the finale. This is still Dororon, after all. And it didn’t let me down.

Unless you consider penile light-sabers, boob-job in a can, icicles shooting from nipples and a worldwide orgasm serious, that is. If you do, maybe you weren’t the target audience for this one. Otherwise, if you were looking for things to wrap up with some big laughs you were in the right place.

Boob job in a can!

We did get a fairly heavy dose of plot by Go Nagai standards, for the first ten minutes anyway. The all-out battle between the forces of Heaven and the forces of Hell (and the sixth grade) was on, with the global genocide on the line. We’d met Team Hell, of course, and most of Team Heaven – though there were a couple of suitable bizarre additions to their squad. The war went back and forth for a few moments, before the good guys managed to get the upper hand thanks to some magic mandarins from Demon King Enma’s trash bin.

But that was false hope, alas – the Heaven squad powered up and pretty much wiped out the Demon Patrol (and the sixth grade) in a matter of moments. And that’s when things really started to get weird. As the Heavenly gang repeatedly pummeled Enma-kum, the lone surviving opponent, they managed to unleash the power held in check by the circlet. For back of a better description, it seems to have been the power of love, lust and orgasm rolled into one. Well naturally, unleash that on an unsuspecting world and it’s a bit much even for Enpi-chan. Even Yuki’s attempt to seal Enma with a kiss fails, and it’s only the intervention of Enma and Enpi’s parents – who it turns out were the circlet all along – that restores order. With Heaven’s coffers of soulperglue restored for hundred years, the global genocide is called off – and with a last affront to Harumi’s dignity (rubbing dog poop on her face) the Demon Patrol bids Earth a tearful farewell.

Heh. That whole sequence when Enma’s power was unleashed was quite unlike any I’ve ever seen in anime. I tried to describe it but that’s an effort doomed to fail. You just have to experience it or take my word for it – when this show goes off on a riff like that it leaves you speechless. This finale wasn’t quite the blockbuster of hilarity that the very best eps were, but it was a solid finish to the rudest – and best – comedy of the Spring.



  1. A

    i just say really like series & yet one thing i was so wishing to see for some that it shown an all female ayako kawasumi-mamiko kiss yet they did it.

    woo woo woo you know it

  2. Go Nagai forever. Every fetish covered.

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