Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi – 5

Yep, I was right – “shameless” is definitely the word for this series. “Ass-assinate”? “Loose rear ends”? Seriously?

It would be bad enough if all that torture was limited to the PV, but the fact that the eps themselves are every bit as bad just about manages to bring Hoshizara past the line to “so bad it’s good”. Raise your hand if you didn’t know immediately that Kazuma was going to get the groom outfit, Kayuri was going to sprain her ankle and he’d carry her across the line. But you know, taht entire sports festival was a good example of why this lunacy has some entertainment value. The bit with the “poles”, the ass sumo…

And then there’s the continued trolling with Ayumu. Just what’s worse – Daigo dressing him in a miniskirt cheerleader outfit, or Kazuma thinking it was the best thing ever? The whole otouto gag would probably be distasteful if they didn’t overplay it so much that it became absurd. I don’t know where they go with this for the rest of the series, because they’ve already set a pretty high standard.

Was there any actual development here? No, not really – even by sports festival ep standards and Hoshizara standards, it was completely disposable. We’re no closer to knowing how this will all end up – if it really matters.

And just what the heck was Daigo doing to Ayumu in the PV??


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