Tiger & Bunny – 5

An extremely low-key but enjoyable episode this week, as it’s L’il Bunny’s birthday and Tiger decides to throw a surprise party for his grumpy partner. What with his family being dead and all and only a maid to bake him a cake you’d think Barnaby would appreciate it, but he’s tsundere to the max.

The silliness factor was ramped way up this week, starting with the surprise party itself. We also had the silly “power-up” added to the suits which turned out to be nothing more than eye candy, and some of the wackiest Engrish I’ve heard for a while. But it was fun, and we’re slowly seeing the other heroes gain an identity of their own, with their own personality quirks. Sky High got some comic moments this week, but most of the better humor was in watching Kotetsu annoy Barnaby with his well-intentioned nudging.

I thought Barnaby did, at least, show a little more maturity when he acknowledged that Kotetsu’s meddling was in good faith. And he did smile there after Tiger gave him his “present” so maybe there’s just a bit of a thaw happening there. Meanwhile, I’m anxious to meet the other heroes on the fringe of the show so far, who should be introduced in the next couple of episodes. Barring any sort of overriding plot, that character interaction is what’s going to drive the entire series.


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