Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera – 8

You know, there are times when I’m watching Dororon when I catch myself thinking that I couldn’t possibly be seeing what I know I’m seeing. In their own terms, the writers and animators ripped the circlet off about four episodes ago and now Hell is raging all across our screens.

For starters, the “How educational!” bit with the three girls might just be the funniest moment I’ve seen in an anime, well – ever. It’s wrong and hilarious both on so many levels, the very essence of genius and stupidity rolled into one. But there was so much more insanity this week, not least of which the three four villains. Butthead – and he’s exactly what he sounds like. L’il Avalanche, secretly in love with Yukino so madly that his passion causes him to melt. And Crotch Goblin, well – basically he’s a crotch otaku who gets his jollies ripping folks in half the hard way. And was there a fourth one there, somewhere?

So much to wince at here. Poor Harumi had it rough even by her standards this week, but having the following conversation with Enma-kun while being ripped in half may be a new low:

“Look – there’s already a hole between your legs!”
“I was born that way!”


Of course, things got a little awkward for Enma too. In between impersonating Gamera in his kotatsu he had quite the experience with Butthead and Crotch Goblin as they tried to de-circletize him. And Harumi got a little revenge at least by telling Butthead that his third horn was “adorable”. Oh, what a cruel blow to any man! In terms of actual plot advancement, it appears for now that the whole circlet thing is nothing more than a red herring – Enpi-chan only thought it’d be the end of the world if he took it off because she’d have to put it back on and start wearing clothes, and Enma-kun only promised to be a good boy and wear it so his Mom and Dad (missing, BTW) would give him a hundred years worth of transformers. And the Great Demon King Enma is definitely hiding something.

Nice little homage to Astro Boy in the pre-opening, too. Damn, this is one cool, clever and offensive piece of work.



  1. A

    It's not transformers. It's 100 years of chogokin. this is very different but gg translated it as transformers.

  2. Thanks for that – my Japanese isn't good enough to tell the difference!

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