Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera – 7

Go Nagai is a very, very strange man. He must be – I can fathom no other explanation. Occam’s Razor and all that…

Do you watch this for the plot? If so, there was one of sorts. The world is being plagued by a “Slip ‘n Fall” epidemic. No one can stand up without falling over, including the animals of the forest and inanimate objects like cars and trains. The culprit is a chap named Slipsqueak. Turns out, he’s a childhood playmate of Enma and his big sister Enpi (he’s in love with her).

Yes, that’s right – Enpi turns out to be Enma’s big sister. Thanks to Slipsqueak’s exposition we find out that Enpi-chan used to wear Enma-kun’s flame circlet around her waist, and it magically appeared on Enma’s head one morning. Ever since, she’s been an exhibitionist. And Slipsquak has come to the human world to take her back, clothe her and marry her.

Along the way, of course, extremely rude things happen to everyone. I love the fact that these demon plagues usually seem to make the world a happier place, by the way… Anyhow, Kappeiru is eaten by a lion. Enma-kun is the first character on the show to go full-frontal, ironically. He also gets a spike someplace it shouldn’t go, and something splits that isn’t supposed to split. In compensation, though, he gets to put his head up Harumi’s… And sees lots of naked Yukio. And have some homoerotic foreplay with Slipsqueak. Also, Enpi-chan’s love gas escapes and causes everyone (including the animals) to fall in love with her. Yukio temporarily “changes teams’ much to Harumi’s horror. Even Chappeau-ji gets some this week.

I won’t spoil the episode ending, but the final act between Enma-kun and Slipsqueak is hilariously on-the-money, thanks to a banana left over from the first act. Cliffhanger this week is that circlet – not even Doctor Demon knows what it is, and the Great King Enma isn’t telling…


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