Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera – 6

Any show that can combine a Chekhov (The Seagull) and Kubrick (2001: A Space Odyssey) reference in the same frame is OK in my book.

The lunacy continues this week with another lunatic ep of Dororon. While the sexual content may have been toned down a bit, apart from “Keep probing till it works!”, it gave way to a hallucinogenic freight train of insert songs and wacky images.

Speaking of insert songs, I love the way the extended version of the outstanding OP – “Tama Mera Mera Icchou Celsius!” by Masaaki Endou and Moon Riders – was woven into the episode (nice advertising for the just-released CD, too). The plot (if it matters) surrounded a demon called “Balloon Boy”. His schtick is that he makes everyone he touches Goro Goro (roly poly). Naturally – as all these demonic events do – it begins in Harumi’s classroom. Poor Harumi is one of the more abused anime characters in recent memory. Like many of the demons in this series, he seems to have what he sees as good intentions – and the massively corpulent humans (and demons) he leaves in his wake do seem to get along.

Oh, sod this – you can’t explain plots with this show. Just watch it – it’s damn funny, bright and explosive visually and the music is terrific. Plus this week we get Yukino in bloomers and a roly-poly Enpi-chan. And about her… Apparently our Enpi-chan is actually a character Go Nagai put at the center of a spoof/hentai version of the original Dororon (this could actually get dirtier?). She had a female Kappeiru, a bearded male Yukino, etc. Aside from making our world sexy and fun we don’t know quite what her role in this world is going to be, but all the gang have known her since they were kids, apparently.

One final note – Takehito Koyasu is absolutely hilarious this ep as Kappeiru. It’s awesome to hear all these 90’s stalwarts knocking it out of the park with this show.


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    The Enbi-chan parody is quite erotic. Her partners are called Kappako and Yukiko-hige (hige means beard). Also, their names are written in Katakana rather than Hiragana. Yeah, it's a complete gender reversal.

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