Amagami SS – 26: OVA (Miya Arc)

Do NOT call the crazy stalker Nee-Nee…

Ah, it’s been a while since I’ve thought about good old Amagami SS. This one was as full of cliches as any harem series but it did have a few distinctive elements. It was one of the first to use the “omnibus format” that was later brought to a much larger audience by Yosuga no Sora. The hero, Junichi, actually had a different personality in each arc, which was a fresh approach. Of course, the arcs themselves were pretty standard – not one but two osananajimi, a yandere, etc. It was also a shame that the first girl, Haruka, set a standard that was never approached by any of the ones that followed.

The wrap-up “digest” episode has already given us the stalker route, featuring the girl – Risa – that was pretty much responsible for ruining Junichi’s adolescence. Now we get an ep featuring the imouto, Miya-chan, who was a constant throughout the series. The crazed stalker Risa makes an appearance here too and her scenes provide the funniest moments of the episode, as the writers (though not Miya) show they clearly understand how nuts she is. But this is Miya’s stage, mostly, and how you like the episode probably depends on how much you like her character.

For me, she’s all right – a little too cutesy for my tastes, though I’ve certainly seen worse examples of the character. We’ve seen this before – the little sister looking after the shiftless (in her view) “Nii-Nii”, tut-tutting at his porn collection, getting into silly ecchi situations in the shower. I’ll give this show credit for at least not seriously going down the incest route. The plot driver of the episode was a somewhat more innocent situation with a lost kitten, it’s mother and the “play-biting” that gives the series it’s name. There’s nothing exceptional here, but it’s a harmless and fairly enjoyable example of what this show generally does.

Oh, well – at least I got one more Haruka scene…


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