Yondemasu Yo, Azazel-san – 3

This one keeps striving to top itself, setting a pretty high standard for tastelessness and shock value after only three episodes. This week, we meet an overweight stalker who has contracted the salamander demon, Kimitake-sensei, to help him marry the pretty model he’s stalking. Sakuma is naturally suspicious, but Kimitake’s power – in addition to projectile expectoration – is to take someone’s false words and make the person actually believe them. Sakuma falls victim to this and is now compeltely on-board, and Azael and Beelzebub can only see the benefits of this for sexual harassment and shit-eating, so they willingly join in too.

Meanwhile, the model has hired Akatube (unaware of the goings-on in his office) to get rid of the stalker. He breaks up the others little party and lamps pretty quickly to what’s happening and what Kimitake can do, but the stalker and the others escape. He summons yet another demon, this one a fishy-mermaidy thing named Citro. It’s Kobayashi Yuu in full frantic-mode, and her special power – in addition to taking it in the mouth – is to transform anyone she’s jealous of because they seem happier than she is. Oh, dear.

This is not exactly the next Seirei no Moribito or Ghost Hound for Production I.G. to proudly place in their historical record. No, it’s ten minutes of sheer gross-out stupidity – kind of like an anime version of “The Aristocrats” played out with demons. But it’s undeniably funny if you have a high enough threshold for tastelessness.

“Her special power is taking it in the mouth”

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