Yondemasu Yo, Azazel-san – 2

Sigh. Only two episodes in and, and where do we go from here?

After last week’s premiere involving endless strings of sex jokes and Azazel-san, this week we meet Beelzebub. While he’s supposedly demon royalty, he also not only eats poop, but has the ability to make any other living creature poop at will (and humans to display their hidden dark side as well, apparently). Cue load of shit jokes, censorship, and me wishing I hadn’t chosen to watch this one over dinner.

All this was layered over a story involving Sakuma’s professor and his lost dog “Tocky” – a name whose mere utterance inspires fits of laughter in me, for some reason. If you’re looking for heartwarming moments and deep character development, well – keep looking I’m afraid. But it’s still pretty funny, and quite unlike anything I’ve seen from animation royalty Production I.G. before. Next week it’s apparently Akatube’s ex-girlfriend reincarnated as a demon – I can hardly wait for the misogynistic humor that carries with it.


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