Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi – 3


If I really stop and consider it, there’s really no denying that this show is pretty dumb. There isn’t an ounce of sophistication to it, and not more than an ounce or two of originality. But dammit, there’s just some quality to it that engenders affection. If I had to name it, I would say it’s goofy. Dumb, but totally lacking in self-consciousness about it. Shameless and without vanity whatsoever. Taken as a whole, it sort of works.

I guess we’re going to be teased with some groan-worthy “otouto route” gags every episode, but I don’t think it’s going to go any deeper than that. But I’ll say this – Kazuma might be the bestest big brother ever. His devotion to Ayumu is, if not otoutocon, disturbingly maternal. It’s sort of understandable, given Ayumu’s frail nature and all, but when he stared lovingly off into the distance as Ayumu walked off to school… Oy.

Meanwhile, we have a longer introduction to Madoka (no, not that one) the Miko who was apparently given a homemade engagement ring by Kazuma when they were small. She has androphobia (fear of men), an increasingly common anime malady since Working! aired last year, and promptly deposits Kazuma on his back after he grabs her shoulder. When he tries to apologize at the shrine the next day we meet the next walking cliche, genki pixie – complete with striped leggings – Koyori-chan. Her “Poof!” speech was probably the comedic highlight of the episode – again, hilarious just for its sheer stupidity.

I guess if guilty pleasures in anime really do exist, this is one for me. There’s no denying it is a pleasure for me so far, no matter how much shame that brings me. In terms of the harem it looks to me like Ui is a shoo-in, but it’s early days yet.


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