First Impressions: Astorotte no Omocha

It was a struggle to get through the first ep of Lotto no Omocha, to be honest.  The lazy and contorted exposition, the lame premise, even the casting.  This is so calculated it’s really discouraging.  The bath scene to start the epiode offered not only a tortured explanation of the plot, but fan service, and lolicon to boot.  And it wasn’t even good lolicon – just the straight-up voyeur class of stuff.  Hard to believe this is the same studio as Shinryaku Ika Musume.

And all to the screech of Kugimiya Rie.  It’s shows like this that really make me realize just how sick I am of her, especially when she’s not even trying to go outside her comfort zone.  We’ve heard all this before, and better.  A succubus that has to blow off men to survive – and a ten year-old one at that?  Really?  The whole thing is really forced and transparent, but I’m sure it will draw more than it’s share of fans.  And that’s pretty depressing.



  1. E

    If you want a good Kugimiya Rie role, try Gintama.

  2. Or Fairy Tail…

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