Kuroshitsuji – The Making of Kuroshitsuji II

I have to give full Credit to A-1 Pictures – they sure haven’t skimped on the extras for Kuroshitsuji. We’re getting full-length OVA’s, with pretty decent animation. And some real care has gone into the writing – it’s not just throwaway nonsense.

I would judge this “making of” special as my favorite of the extras so far. Mind you, the humor is pretty broad – the 28 minutes consist of a steady stream of one gag following another – but a fair share of it hits the mark and there are some good laughs. In concept it’s a parody of the standard behind-the-scenes documentary, but what makes it work are all the parodies within the parody – self-parody not excluded.

I enjoyed an awful lot of it. Ciel’s prima-donna personality, Alois’ jealous cattiness… The whole notion of the “Kuroshitsuji craze” sweeping the world – with everyone cosplaying – was a good laugh. We also get the “cursed film set” parody, and a pretty hilarious genre send-up “Coming Soon” trailer at the end. As I said, it’s all pretty broad – but hey, funny is funny. Better still, it’s true to character – the cast’s “real-life” personalities are logical extensions of their on-screen ones.

This won’t change your life, but if you enjoy this show you’ll find something to love here – all of the characters are present and they all get the chance to look silly.



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    Cool. Thanks for posting about this, since I was pretty curious about it but cautious because of the title. I'll go ahead and watch it now ^_^

  2. Glad to be of service! I think you'll enjoy it.

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