Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? – 12 (End)

That went pretty much as expected. The finale of Kore wa Zombie was more or less episode 11 – 12 was a complete throwaway episode primarily concerned with comedy and fanservice. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

So what did we get for our 22 minutes? A pool episode. All of the main female cast (and most of the supporting) in increasingly revealing swimsuits. Ayumu dressed in a somewhat disturbing parody of Yuu’s outfit. A rather too-lengthy send-up of idol worship. Lots and lots of Haruna being hyper. And, interestingly, Yuu singing.

What we didn’t get, unfortunately, was any explanation as to why Yuu was suddenly able to talk last ep. In fact, what we saw was that the only way she was able to talk (well, sing) this time was by transferring her magic – first via Dai-sensei’s machine to Ayumu, than by Haruna’s magic hand-holding. Since there was no such precaution last time, one wonders why vast torrents of death weren’t unleashed. Plot hole? Well – whatever…

Don’t feel you’ll have missed anything if you skip this one. In terms of importance and quality, it feels pretty much like a DVD bonus episode. But it has it’s amusing moments, so there’s certainly no downside to checking it out – if leaves things off in a rather happy place, anyway. Haruna was cute, Yuu looked great in her final swimsuit outfit, and Sera’s abusiveness was even toned down. On balance, no one was harmed in the viewing of this episode.


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