Yumekui Merry – 8

I didn’t get much out of this episode, to be honest. It was pleasant enough and even had some action and plot advancement, but it just didn’t make much of an impact for some reason.

Maybe it feels as if some of the material is feeling a bit repetitive, like Merry and her donut fetish. I enjoyed the humorous aspects of the beach episode, but not so much this week. Some stuff did happen, of course – we had another appearance from Yui (this time in a cute nurse’s outfit) and Engi. We had another muma attracted to the real world by Pharos, who we still haven’t met. We had Glasses-sensei continuing to act mysterious and possibly sinister, with an unnatural interest in the students’ dreams. We had Tachibana almost seeming as if was ready to make a move for Yumeji, but not quite. But it all felt somehow forced, at least to me.

In fact, the only scene in the entire episode that really held my attention was the somewhat surreal scene at the doctor’s office, with Yui in the aforementioned nurse’s uniform. The weird old doctor whose dentures flew out and hit Yumeji in the head, the whole “Brother-in-law” bit with the parents, the witches’ brew… It had an appealingly bizarre feel to it that was totally out of sync with the rest of the episode. Oh, well – it’s just one week, and maybe it’s me. I still like the characters and the premise, so I’ll certainly give this series the benefit of the doubt.


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