To Aru Majutsu no Index II – 17

This week’s theme was definitely middle-school skirt-lifting – no doubt about it. Unfortunately it was one of those “Index” episodes that felt a lot more like a Railgun episode so for me, the appeal was limited. That’s not to say there weren’t a few amusing moments.

As expected just about every character large and small got in on the action this week. There was lots of Accelerator, Misaka-Misaka and the other Misakas, Biri-biri everywhere and most of the supporting cast of both shows. Unfortunately that also means heavy exposure for the execrable Kuroko, whose every scene is a teeth-gritting nightmare. But Biribiri’s one-on-one scenes with Touma were quite amusing – not least because her lust for him is so transparent that it’s hard to believe even somebody as dense about romance as Touma couldn’t notice it.

What’s sort of interesting is that the Index and Railgun universes seem to exist sort of parallel to each other, with very little crossover other than Touma himself. That of course means almost no Index this week, but for that matter we had almost no plot as well. There was some foreshadowing among the Misakas – bursts of individuality, and something ominous happening when Misaka-Misaka steals one of her elder’s goggles. It seems Accelerator isn’t the only one in Academy City with a limiter. That’s pretty thin gruel plot-wise, though, so if you don’t enjoy the lighter aspects of this series this week was probably something of a loss for you because it doesn’t get much more lightweight than this.


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