Dragon Crisis – 5

The “St. George and the Dragon” arc lasted only two eps, which was too bad in the sense that I rather liked George Evans as a character. But plot cohesion isn’t the strength of this show so far, and the premise had definitely played itself out by the end of this episode.

Of course it came as no surprise that George ended up spun as a good guy, given how likable he was last week. Turns out his sword isn’t just a lost precious, but a cursed lost precious – embodying the spirit of Marga’a Uncle. He was killed by her father, the White Dragon King, after going on some sort of murderous rampage. Ryuuji was cursed by a lost precious at some point, apparently, but all we get as far as meat on that bone is a brief flashback.

Now the sword has cursed George too, though he doesn’t know it. Rose tried to convince him not all dragons are bad but the sword will have none of that, driving him to try to eliminate her in the name of his God. Fortunately Ryuuji intervenes and manages to save the both of them with Rose’s help, destroying the sword in the process. And Misaki is none too thrilled to find out he and Rose are engaged.

Plot is definitely not what this show does best – the whole Marga/Cursed Sword thing never really came together. What Dragon Crisis does do pretty well are individual moments and scenes, both dialogue-driven and action-driven. The characters are interesting and the show flows well in short bursts, but the problem is they never really seem interconnected – lots of stuff just happens and sort of makes sense, a little exposition creeps in, and things move along a little farther. That’s not the worst thing in the world but it does prevent the series from packing any real weight. I still think it looks great for a DEEN series and I enjoy seeing the interactions among the leads, but right now it’s really just a montage more than a real show.


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