Oreimo – Animated Commentary 02

The second animated commentary was every bit as weird and fun as the first one. This time, Kyousuke gives way rather quickly to the adorable Kuroneko – almost as kawaii in chibi form as in 1080p glory. She and Kirino quickly lapse into their usual tsundere-yuri banter, and Kuroneko very quickly lets slip a rather major spoiler from the final TV episode. Kyou’s secret name at school? “Sexual Harassment Senpai”. I can’t wait to see the explanation for that one.

Now, that’s when things get really weird. Things begin attaining a meta-realistic tone somewhat reminiscent of the Seinfeld episodes of “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, when Kirino presses a button on the remote and poof! Ayane Taketatsu, her seiyuu, appears on screen as the very special guest. Kuroneko is suitably impressed though, as she points out it “creates a very surreal atmosphere”. In the “great ass” comedic highlight of the commentary, Kuroneko rejoinders Kirino’s comment that “Taketatsu-san is so cute I’d like to lick her” by saying “That’s like licking yourself”.

No question, it’s pretty effing brilliant to have on-screen characters providing DVD commentary as themselves (sort of) and throwing their seiyuu in there to boot. That weirdness is my favorite part of all this, but the writing for these commentaries is genuinely funny, and they’re doing a great job teasing the future – both the “True End” DVD episodes and the possibility of a second season. Taketatsu-san was quick to point out how much she was looking forward to voicing Kirino in the future…


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