Tegami Bachi Reverse – 12

“Put some pantsu on!”

Another week, another magical episode of Letter Bee. And finally, we have real development in the Gauche saga.

For reasons I’ve already discussed, this may the hardest really outstanding series to blog. You just have to see it and it all makes sense without any help from me. There was all sorts of interesting stuff to comment on this week, though. With Roda, we got the reveal that she was actually probably fused with the real Roda – just in time to give Lag back his letter bullet and seemingly commit suicide. We saw a new and angrier side of Connor. He’s clearly pissed about the Sunny situation and determined to exact some payback.

But really, this was all about Lag, Gauche/Noir, and Niche. Yes, Niche – she’s back – deux ex machina style just as Lag was wishing it so. She’s lost her boxers but gained some of her sister’s skills with the hair, using it to subdue a swarming gaichu so Lag and vanquish it. She promptly passes out and Zazie sends Lag off after Gauche, promising the try and slow down the Cabernet (truly the B-1B of gaichu). We see a new Lag, here – angry, fierce and a little scary. He destroys Noir’s shindan and promptly fires the letter bullet, only to see Gauche and himself pulled up into the Cabernet’s maw “War of the Worlds” style. There’s a hint that Gauche is back, and he advises Lag on how they can slow down the Cabernet – but after they do so with a conjoined shindan Gauche passes out and does not regain consciousness.

I almost shed a tear when Lag revealed what he’d written in the letter bullet – a simple “I miss you, Gauche”. So very Lag, that. We don’t know what he is – some sort of hybrid like Roda or a supernatural being – but Lag is definitely a sweet, kind crybaby boy. The ending was very emotional – Gauche returned to a grateful Aria and Sylvette, but in a coma. From the PV it looks as if Aria is going to don the uniform again and take over Lag’s deliveries, as Lag is used to either get into Gauche’s dreams or somehow transfer some of his own heart to him in an effort to bring Gauche back to consciousness. That’s a very interesting concept for an episode indeed.


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