Kuroshitsuji – Ciel in Wonderland (Part I)

Given that this was an OVA from Kuroshitsuji based on a novel by a drug-addicted pedophile, it’s hardly surprising that the result is a twisted mess of bizarre imagery and questionable taste. In a good way.

Mostly, the OVA consisted of Ciel being placed in increasingly humiliating positions as the members of the Kuroshitsuji cast filled the original “Alice in Wonderland” roles. if that sounds appealing to you – and I’m guessing that you wouldn’t have watched the series if that sort of thing didn’t – I think you’ll enjoy this. Sebastian lands the role of the White Rabbit, leading Ciel through bizarro versions of the already bizarre worlds from the novel. Most of the core gang make their appearances here – Grell as the Cheshire Cat is a particular (and particularly creepy) standout. But it’s Ciel who stars here, which is fine by me as he’s my favorite character on the series. His tortured dignity as he’s forced to play along with more and more unseemly nonsense if a delight to watch. And this was just part one…

I think it would be quite accurate to say this was much more reminiscent of the first season (and thus the manga) than the second. It had a lightness and dexterity that the somewhat ham-handed sequel couldn’t match. One can’t help but wonder who gets the star turn as the Mad Hatter in Part II – Lau? Perhaps Undertaker? I could see either fitting the role.


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