To Aru Majutsu no Index II – 7

Mercifully brief, the two episode Railgun-hijack is over – though curiously, the second ep didn’t even seem to have all that much Railgun in it. Kuroko’s obnoxiousness level was tones down quite a bit as she spend most of the episode trapped under a table or bleeding out after being shot, though she did manage to spout a rather annoying and self-glorifying screed about right and wrong and slap Touma despite the fact that he saved her life.

The plot, such as it was, revolved around a plot to re-start the ugly experiments we heard so much about in the first season, so it was rather fitting that it was Misaka 10032 that led to Kouma’s involvement and the eventual victory of the good guys, though it was Accelerator who actually ended things with Awaki, the villainess. Punching young girls in the face seems to be a growing theme of this season, and Accelerator gladly obliged. I continue to find his interactions with Misaka-Misaka highly amusing too – I hope we see more of Accel this season. He’s more interesting as a weakened and fallible curmudgeon that an unbeatable beast.


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