Nurarihyon no Mago – 19

Lots of exposition this week as we come careening towards the end of this two-cour run, with no notion of a second season and no possible way that things can be wrapped up in 7 episodes without some serious improvisation. Manga readers everywhere quake in trepidation – I await in abject curiosity to see what happens, and their reaction.

The nominal head of the Shikoku 88 Youkai is quite a prolific fellow – Tamazuki is the 8th son of his 88th wife. But the old guy has slowed down a bit, as he admits while reminiscing with Nurarihyon in a sylvan glade. Tamazuki is the most powerful of his children, and Inugami the most frightening and hateful of Tanazuki’s minions. After much nagging Tamazuki finally relents and gives Inugami permission to kill Rikuo, but Rikuo doesn’t make it so easy, hiding inside the mansion playing cards with the Kiyotsugu Supernatural Squad. So Inugami decides to use Riikuo’s friends to lure him out.

I found the episode somewhat slow and less interesting that the last few, to be honest, but Inugami was certainly the signature character here. He’s a hateful fellow – loyal to Tamazuki to the death, he despises Rikuo for consorting with humans. We get just a little taste of his true form at the end of the episode, but it looks like when he’s pissed he’s going to give Rikuo’s posse all they can handle.  But I missed the amusing antics of the Kiyotsugu Squad, who were oddly subdued this week, and none Rikuo’s youaki allies had any breakout moments. 


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