Yosuga no Sora – 3

Three episodes in, and I still can’t figure this one out. It’s not just me – there’s a reason why this show – from the beginning – has been compared to more different shows than any series I can remember. This week “School Days” comparisons are all the rage, but I don’t see that happening at all. I still feel “Sola”, with a twist of “Ef”- but the fact is this show is a chameleon, full on contradictory moods and styles that confuse and fascinate.

No question 03 was a great episode. It looked fantastic, and did a superb job of summoning a somber, reflective mood. For most of it’s existence Yosuga no Sora seems to be a thoughtful, slow-paced character study – but there are always those elements of darkness and hard-charged sexual energy that send it spinning off in odd directions. Once again the sex teased in the prior episode was a troll – this time, the red-hot yrui action between the Ojou-sama and the Miko was a figment of Haru’s imagination. Turns out the reason Kazuha calls Akira “Onee-chan” is rather obvious – they’re half-sisters, with Akira the illegitimate daughter of Kazuha’s father and predictably treated ignobly by him. She’s my favorite girl of the series so far – which is a little scary given how this episode ended – but Haru has clearly set his sights on Kazuha for now. That could be no more than the first path, given that this is a game adaptation – and it could be the prelude to ugliness with Sora, which is what has set off the “School Days” nonsense.

Haru is indeed interesting, a fully functional teenager more than interested in girls and not bashful about acting on it. He’s caring and solicitous of Sora, but appears to pay little mind to her obvious desire for him – whether because he’s oblivious only to her, or because he simply doesn’t consider twincest an option. Then again we’re not entirely sure whether they’ve already kissed – or more – or whether that was a figment of the imagination too. Clearly this has been hinted at too much to be a red herring, and there will be some reckoning between Haru and Sora at some point – though whether that’s just one route in an eroge or a dramatic confrontation we don’t know yet.

And then there’s the omakes, with Kazuha’s maid. They’re odd to say the least – totally out of synch with the rest of the series, hard-R rated but quite hilarious. And they all seem to involve Yahiro doing things to “cherry boy” Haruka she really shouldn’t. Clearly, this boy has the kavorka.


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