Nurarihyon no Mago – 16

This was definitely a serious plot advancement episode for Nurarihyon. Although Grandpa was once again absent – bar one brief cut-in – Both Rikuos saw plenty of action and the Nura Clan started to fight back with a little more vigor against the Shikoku Seven.

Hitotsume turned out to be a blabbermouth in more ways than one, spilling information to the Shikoku spy posing as a waitress at Bakaneko. Given that he’s proved no use other than shooting his mouth off at the clan meetings about how the clan has gone to hell, it wasn’t too surprising. What did prove surprising this week is that Night Rikuo proved himself to be quite merciful – some might even say weak. When he had the Shikoku demon down and out (saving Yura in the process) he let her go with nothing more than an admonition to her leader not to “let women do his dirty work”. As well, he tacitly acknowledged that Hitotsume might be right about the clan – and let him walk away with nothing more than a stern glance.

Meanwhile, the kids remained on their outing in the mansion, baby-sat by Yuki-onna (looking better than ever). The direction of the episode seemed a little snappier to me this week – the scenes with the Supernatural Squad in the mansion were sharp. and the quick-cut to Nurarihyon and Natto soaking in some nameless Shikoku hot spring was perfectly placed. The takeaway from the ep, if I’m reading the signals right, seems to be a growing disagreement between Day and Noight Rikuo over the state of the clan and the battle with the Shikoku Seven. The other interesting element was that Rikuo has now revealed his demon form to both Kana and Yura, which is sure to lead to some interesting dialogue later.


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