First Impressions – Sora no Otoshimono Forte

Continuity is a fine thing when you’re talking about a series as likable and genuinely hilarious as Sora no Otoshimono. And judging from the first episode, the second season will carry on in much the same vein as the first.

Things start off handsomely with another massive morning “problem” for Tomoki, followed by an extremely clever OP, a Tomoki version of “Heart Bell”. There are scenes of domestic bliss at the Sakurai household before school, and the bulk of the episode is taken up by a suggestion from Nymph that the mystery of Tomoki’s recurring dream can be solved by the “Dive Game” – whereby Tomoki,Sohara,Eishirou and Mikako can use Angeloid technology to enter his dreams. Alas, she screws up (as usual) and the gang enter everyone’s dreams except Tomoki’s one by one. Sohara’s hilariously perverted dreams about Tomoki are the clear highlight of the episode comedically. In terms of plot advancement we discover that there’s some sort of protection around Tomoki’s dream, and at the conclusion we’re introduced to the major new character of S2 – an Angeloid named Astraea who has red eyes, boobs till next Tuesday and an apparent desire to do Tomoki grievous bodily harm.

As per usual there’s nothing deep or profound here, but SnO is definitely a series that (fittingly, as it’s about Angels) takes itself lightly. Tomoki is certainly one of the most enjoyable male leads anywhere, because he’s completely open and unapologetic about his perverted nature. Unlike Sohara, I might add, who plays the prude while dreaming every fetish in the book and inflicting pain on Tomoki for his horniness. She’s my least favorite part of the show but the others – especially Ikaros – more than make up for it. My favorite Angel has apparently adopted Eishorou’s old globe as her new totem, replacing the watermelon. I haven’t read the manga so I don’t know Astraea except by reputation, but quite a reputation it is.

Production-wise, this show looks great in HD and you can always count on fabulously clever and imaginative work on the OP/EDs. They’re so good they run the risk of overshadowing the episodes themselves sometimes, but having them to look forward to is a great bonus. I’ll certainly be watching this series, and most likely blogging it.


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