First Impressions – Motto To Love Ru

I have sort of a funny relationship with this series. I enjoyed the original series quite a lot at first – there were individual eps (usually involving Rito/Haruna advancement) that I almost loved. But it really seemed to lose steam towards the end of the first season, and the OVAs more or less abandoned all pretense of plot and devoted themselves entirely to shameless fanservice.

Unfortunately, things seemed to have pretty much picked right up where they left off. The series looks great, I admit – the animation and character designs are probably the best of any adaptation this show has had. But there are two main problems with this show. First, in terms of plot Saki Hasemi (and I assume this is a literal adaptation plot-wise) just doesn’t seem to be trying anymore. Maybe it was the legendary ugly divorce and lawsuit, but for whatever reason all pretense at character development is stripped away and all we’re left with is panty shots and censored nudity. The second is that for a comedy, most of the humor just isn’t all that funny. Compared to a really clever ecchi comedy like Seto no Hayanome or even Sora no Otoshimono this is pretty lame and uninspired writing. It’s sad – while this was never genius there was something there, at first – some kind of naughty charm and occasional bursts of imagination. Now it’s just the world’s biggest harem and the same joke and pratfall repeated in a thousand variations.


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