Kuroshitsuji II – 12

Anyone remember this image?

That’s right – the very first promo image of S2, before anyone even knew who Claude and Alois were, was the ultimate spoiler. After all the head-fakes, misdirections, phone spoilers and decoy OP and ED, we’re right back where we started. Psych!

Of course, the question everyone is going to ask themselves now is whether they loved that ending or hated it. I suspect there won’t be too many in the middle, although that’s sort of where I find myself at the moment. I’m relieved that it wasn’t a simple rehash of the S1 ending, with Sebastian devouring Ciel’s soul – that would have been a major anti-climax. And it’s somewhat delicious to see Ciel turn the tables on Sebastian, although it wasn’t exactly his idea.

What a rollicking ending it was, too. Hannah turned out to be batshit crazy, but she got the last laugh – both brothers reunited inside her, Claude dead after having acknowledged Alois and Ciel – as Alois’ wished – released from the contract. It was never remotely in doubt that Sebastian and Claude would duel, and that Sebby would win – it was predicted here and elsewhere last week. Only the context of that fight was in question – and it was set up fairly well. But it all comes down to how you feel about the ending. Ciel, for all that he’s now bonded to Sebastian for all eternity, is undeniably dead – the Ciel we knew, anyway. His servants are alone and bereft, and Elizabeth has lost her fiancee. There was clearly something of the old Ciel still left in there, though – he took the time to say Goodbye to everyone with a gift, and sent Elizabeth off with a smile and one last dance. But his cup is empty and he can no longer appreciate the beguiling scent of tea, except in his memories. And Ciel said himself how useless memories were.

What does it mean to be a demon, I wonder – how much of what Ciel was is retained? Well, at least he won’t be lonely – he has a servant until the end of time. The real loser in all this is Sebastian, I suppose – which makes quite a switch. But if pressed, I suspect he would admit there would be worse tortures for him that being with his bochan forever…


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