Asobi ni Ikuyo! – 5

Remarkably, Asobi ni Ikuyo continues to get sillier. Aoi and Manami in thong bikinis on a speedboat. Kio wearing Eris’ jumpsuit. A giant AssistDroid suit with a loli inside it. Combat maids battling dog-eared aliens in the name of a nekomimi worship cult.

Yes, this is certainly odd stuff. We learned that Aoi is flat-chested this week – a little Clearasil could have taken care of her entire set. Manami, OTOH, filled her one-piece out rather nicely. We also had a near-confession from Aoi, more implausible denials of love from Manami, and more “in-heat” jokes about Eris. Apparently she can’t use her power suit when she’s in hear – sort of a built-in horniness irrationality trip circuit – so Kio has to don it in order to facilitate their escape from the Underside of the Kitten’s Paw battle yacht (I’m guessing that’s the first time that sentence has ever been constructed). Alas, the canine aliens are attacking the yacht at the same time and Aoi, Manami and the AssistDroids are simultaneously launching a rescue attempt. The dogs are clearly being set up as the villains of the piece, but everyone escapes, with the disturbingly cld Kio affecting a daring rescue of Aoi.

This probably isn’t a series that lends itself to serious analysis – or any analysis for that matter. But it’s fun, and certainly not allergic to fanservice, and occasionally insanely clever with its humor. I’ve certainly seen the premise done before but I give the gang at AIC PLUS+ credit – they’re kicking up the bizarre factor to the point that the show laps stupidity and almost makes it back around the track to smart. And I have no idea what to expect next, which is always a trip.


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