Amagami SS – 9

That certainly was a surprise. In a radical shift from the first two arcs, Amigami SS turned into some sort of over-the-top romantic comedy. Instead of clumsy courtship we got a lot of sight gags, crotch humor and annoying voice-over narration. Even the animation style looked different to me, more primary colors and softer edges, perhaps befitting the material.

Problem is, most of the humor really didn’t work very well. The Nakata Sae arc is off to a rough start for me. I’m not at all sure I’ll be able to get used to Konno Hiromi’s work as Sae, either – the breathy baby-doll voice she’s using here takes a lot of getting used to.

To be honest, my interest in this series has been on a gradual decline since the spectacularly sexy “knee-kissing” episode three. I’m probably going to take a break from blogging this one, as it just doesn’t interest me enough at this point that I think I can do it justice. I’ll keep watching and hoping things pick up again, and even as little hope as I Have for the Nakata arc, we still have three more girls to go after that…


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