Major – 146

I must confess, the last couple of episodes have started to drag a bit for me. The emotional whipsaw of the Hornets is a bit much for me – they go from inspired and unbeatable to a team in disarray and back in a flash. Murdoch’s presence was a good catalyst for some of it, but these last two eps the mood swings have felt more like plot devices. On the other hand, it is nicely realistic that the team is showing its stripes – a temperamental and volatile bunch that lives and dies on emotion. In that sense, they’re taking their cue from their young inspirational leader, Goro.

I think we need a little more intercutting with the gang back home – if we don’t touch base every few episodes the baseball side gets a bit repetitive. And while he was never among my favorite characters, I can’t help but wonder what Toshii is up to – have we even checked in with him this season?

Finally, the teaser at the end of the up shows Watts is dealing with a hip injury and may not finish the season. Are we setting up for a return to the closer’s role for Goro? I hope not – I like him better in the rotation…


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