First Impressions – Asobi ni Ikuyo!

I went into this series without a lot of preconceptions, not having any familiarity with the source material and there having been relatively little buzz about the series. And on balance, I was pleasantly surprised.

There’s a pretty impressive body count before the credits have finished rolling – mostly courtesy of Futaba, some sort of freakish secret agent or – bear with me here – contractor type who has the ability to phase weaponry out of thin air. After that we segue into a fairly peaceful domestic scene on Okinawa, and our male lead Kio. He meets a girl with cat ears and tail at a family gathering, the busty Eris. Next thing he knows he wakes up in bed next to her with a bump on the head – which she promptly heals with some sort of Star-Trek style tricorder. Eris is confirmed to be an alien – a sexy one, at that. We have the makings of a harem here – the neighbor/childhood friend, the sexy TILF, the bookish school friend – except no one is what they appear to be. Everyone is either a secret agent or deadly assassin of some sort and unassuming Kio appears to be caught in the middle of some very strange events.

This was an interesting pastiche. Elements reminded me of Darker Than Black – thus the contractor mention – including the pacing and the casual violence, as well as the animation style. There are obvious To Love Ru and Sora no Otoshimono elements in the premise, though they appear to be superficial, as this material appears to be much darker. I was even put in mind of Mahoromatic a little – the bespectacled and mild-mannered orphan hero, the sexy houseguest who’s smarter than she first appears. I won’t claim I know just where this is all going yet, but it’s interesting nonetheless. I’m sticking around for a while at least.


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